To keep your customers happy, you need the right product delivered in the right way—right away. Elite OPS offers an industry-leading 99.9% accuracy rate and same day shipping on orders received before the agreed-upon cutoff time.

Plus you want affordable shipping rates to keep your costs down. As a leading eCommerce order fulfillment service, we offer our clients a range of domestic and international shipping options to ensure you get the most reliable and cost-effective delivery method for every order. We enjoy long-established partnerships with shipping providers that save you time and money while keeping your customers satisfied.

eCommerce Fulfillment & Shipping Services in SLC, UT

At Elite OPS our passion is shipping and fulfillment. We offer only the best shipping services from Salt Lake City, UT, throughout the world. We understand that Fast, dependable order fulfillment and shipping is critical to the success of your online business. With Elite OPS you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a trusted, established partner.

Our fulfillment center provides:


  • Affordable daily storage rates
  • Custom Order fulfillment and shipping services
  • Pallet and freight services
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Point Of Purchase display fulfillment and shipping
  • Internet Order fulfillment of all kinds

Elite OPS Offers a variety of Product Shipping Options

As a leading eCommerce fulfillment provider, we offer online sellers a range of shipping options to ensure you get the most reliable and cost-effective delivery method for your orders.

Whether your customers require overnight delivery, or are satisfied with slower delivery in order to save on shipping costs, we offer an affordable, dependable solution. eCommerce sellers are able to take advantage of shipping partnerships we’ve established in order to save time, money, and to make their businesses more competitive online.


International Order Fulfillment & Shipping

Our international fulfillment expertise makes it easy and affordable for you to reach new customers across the globe.
Upon delivery, any required duties are charged to your end customer.


Ship Confirmations

Once an order leaves our fulfillment center, both you and your customer will receive a ship confirmation email according to your exact specifications, including a tracking number and your custom sales message, if desired.


Tracking Your Shipments

You can also check order tracking information through your online client portal 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can search orders by name, order number, email address, or purchase order/reference number.


Shipping Backorders

Based on your specifications, the order can either be held until the missing merchandise arrives, or we can ship what is available immediately and ship the backordered item when it arrives at our fulfillment warehouse.

If an order contains an out-of-stock item, the order is marked as backordered and can either be held until the missing merchandise arrives, or we can ship what is available and ship the backordered item when it arrives at our fulfillment warehouse.With ELITE OPS, all of your shipping needs are covered.


  • “I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all the effort you have put into our project. Last Friday I spoke with a large wholesale customer that was so happy about how shipping has gone this season. He said it has been the best yet and accuracy has been awesome. We have had positive feedback and in some cases no feedback which is also a great sign because it means there are not problems. It is such a relief to know that we have a solid partner that can nail this aspect of our business for us. I know there have been a few challenges and I appreciate your patience with us. Please tell everyone that plays a part in our operations thank you from us.” Craig Rikenbach, CEO,

    Craig Rickenbach, CEO,
  • “I am pleased to announce that so far our transition to Elite has been great. Within hours of receiving our product yesterday, they began fulfilling our orders. This was a huge feat and I truly believe this is just the beginning of the positive results they will give us. There is even better news. Their turn around time from receiving an order, picking and packing the order, to sending us a tracking number is almost 5 days faster than [our previous order fulfillment service]! ELITE OPS are superstars compared to [our previous order fulfillment company]. Elite is receiving the order, filling the order, and sending us tracking numbers almost within 24hrs (this may not happen every time, but the fact that they can do this, did do this, and plan to do this is just crazy awesome). THAT IS HUUUUUGE!!! We are so happy with these results. Jon, Sunwarrior

    Jon Jensen, Sunwarrior
  • “I wanted to give a huge shout out to Misty, Dalton and his team for getting out all of our back orders within mere hours of receiving my very late, very cursed shipment! That was PHENOMENAL. They obviously pulled out all the stops to make this happen, knowing what a nightmare this shipment had created this week. Please give them all a sincere slap on the back from me. Breathing much easier . . .” Caron Rohman, Lune North America Inc.

    Caron Rohman, Lune North America Inc.
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