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The ELITE OPS order fulfillment center offers the ideal combination of personal attention and state of the art technology and automation that you’ve come to expect from supply chain management companies in SLC, UT. Over 20 years we have perfected our formula for our clients’ success.

By outsourcing your logistics needs and product fulfillment to Elite OPS, you can expand your operations at a fraction of the cost of attempting to do it yourself.


    We offer meticulous, expansive 150,000 square-foot fulfillment warehouse with expansion capability up to 500%. With oversized pallet space, daily storage rates, and high-tech inventory management, ELITE OPS offers a turnkey storage solution.


    Specializing in internet and retail order fulfillment services with unsurpassed service, 99% order accuracy, same day shipping and seamless integration with your shopping cart or operations software.


    ELITE OPS provides end-to-end supply chain management and logistics services in SLC, UT, including a wide variety of discounted domestic and international shipping for our valued clients.


    Our cutting-edge fulfillment warehouse management  system and proven process is built upon industry-leading software and decades of experience that allow us to offer you the best possible support and management of supply chain logistics in SLC, UT.


    A highly- trained team of customer focused logistics professionals serve you at every point in the process.


As the experienced order fulfillment center specializing in growing businesses like yours, The ELITE OPS order fulfillment center offers unsurpassed service, two decades of experience, no minimum quantities, and a personalized solution that fits your business.

Elite OPS Order Fulfillment Process

reverse logistics and order fulfillment client

“We are so grateful for your amazing support and partnership. Elite has made our events successful and made sleeping at night much easier. We love working with you and the entire Elite team and look forward to the many more years of success ahead of us. Again, thank you and know we appreciate you and all you do more than you know.”

—Danielle Stephens, Investools

Easily connect your shopping cart via API with our state-of-the art warehouse management system.

“Elite OPS has been managing our warehousing and fulfillment needs for 5 plus years. In that time, I have been very impressed with their customer service and willingness to make something that seems impossible possible. It seems like everything Elite OPS has to offer, including their technology, has helped our business’ systems and processes to run more smoothly.”
—Erin McCarthy, ELITE OPS Client

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We are trusted by hundreds of growing businesses both large and small as the order fulfillment service that stands above the competition. We offer unmatched expertise in e-commerce fulfillment, complete co-packing and nutritional supplement fulfillment, and act as the central order fulfillment center for a number of highly successful Direct Sales/MLM brands.

ELITE OPS: Product Fulfillment Services

Whether your business is large or small, ELITE OPS is the perfect solution for your product storage and shipping needs. Our product fulfillment services include logistics management for eCommerce, supplement, and direct sales orders. Utilizing our ecommerce fulfillment services in particular, can allow business growth by leaps and bounds. See how ELITE OPS can work for you by managing your business’ warehousing and order fulfillment needs.

Perks of ELITE OPS as Your Order Fulfillment Center

Have you tried other order fulfillment companies only to be disappointed by their lack of expertise, skill, or commitment? ELITE OPS has over two decades of experience and specializes in growing businesses both large and small. Our customer service department is outstanding and will work with you and your management on an individual level to find a personalized solution for your business. Other order fulfillment companies simply cannot match the expertise, dedication, and personal attention that ELITE OPS can offer you on a daily basis. Consider switching to ELITE OPS as your distribution company today.

Warehousing and Storage Solutions

All of the product warehousing and storage we manage is housed in our superior fulfillment distribution center. It is impeccably organized and expertly managed with the latest technology, and the warehouse has immense expansion capabilities for the future. This order fulfillment center makes storing, locating, and shipping items simple. If you choose to partner us, you will be joining the hundreds of small and large businesses experiencing success and growth thanks to ELITE OPS. No matter the size of your company, ELITE OPS can help. We require no minimum quantities, which helps us respond to your business and commercial needs in a more flexible and personalized way. Let us manage your warehousing and order fulfillment needs, and your company will see growth in return.

Seamless Shopping Cart Integration

If you are ready to improve and expand your online marketing presence, consider asking about our eCommerce fulfillment services. We currently give hundreds of businesses seamless integration with their shopping carts and other operations software. The eCommerce market is vast, and your company must be organized and fully integrated in order to see sales. Thankfully, ELITE OPS is here to help. With our fulfillment distribution center and expert use of top-of-the-line technology, we can offer same-day shipping and consistently have over 99% order accuracy. Above all, ELITE OPS makes your shipping and logistics management a breeze, allowing you to offer more to your customers.

Outsource to Our Order Fulfillment Center

By utilizing ELITE OPS as your shipping and logistics management solution, you can focus on growing your business. Expanding your business’ operations is possible because outsourcing to our order fulfillment center will help you drastically reduce costs. UsingELITE OPS as your distribution company will also help alleviate the stress of attempting to manage everything yourself. If you are ready to see how ELITE OPS can grow your business, contact us toll free at 844.334.0448 or fill out our simple online form for a prompt reply.


“Elite Ops has been a tremendous partner over the years. Their knowledge, expertise, and proficient use of technology have played a large role in our company’s growth.”
—Russ Crosby, CEO, Sunwarrior

ELITE OPS is ready to help you make it happen.

“It is such a relief to know that we have a solid partner that can nail this aspect of our business for us.”

Craig Rickenbach
Craig RickenbachCEO,